How I Set Up My Planner

I love my Happy Planner! Since I purchased my first Happy Planner last year after using much more expensive planners previously, I have not turned back.

I think I purchased my planner for $8 from Michaels and it helps to keep me SO organized.  If you are in the market for a planner, I definitely recommend the Happy Planner.  I use the mini size, only because it can fit easily in my handbag.  However, if you have a lot going on, I recommend getting the standard size, it gives you a lot more writing room.

The Happy Planner is broken up by month and each month has a monthly overview calendar and a weekly breakdown.  I use both for different reasons.   I sit down the last day of the previous month or the first of the month to fill out my monthly overview.

My monthly overview is where I put my bill breakdown.  I pay 90% of my bills using automatic payment, but I still like to have written down when they will be taken out of my account and the amount so I kind of know what I’m working with.

I write the bill, the amount and the date on the side column and then plug it in to the day.  I like to do both, because the overall list allows me to see the amounts a little bit clearer, and popping them into the calendar helps me to see when they will be withdrawn from my account.

The monthly overview is also where I like to add birthdays.  This way I can flip to any given month and plan out who I have to purchase gifts or cards for ahead of time.

The stickers are also from The Happy Planner line and it just helps to make planning a bit more fun and definitely cuter!

My weekly views are where I like to put appointments, deliveries, friend dates, work outs and tasks.  The weekly view is usually for non reoccurring tasks and appointments.

The use of this guy has definitely helped to keep me more organized, and when I actually consult it prior to making plans it helps to keep me from double booking!

   Do you use any kind of planner?

I’m kind of planner obsessed and always like to hear about new ones!