Quick Tip Tuesday: Don’t Forget Your Vitamins!

      My friend Tanya is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to vitamins and supplements.  I got her advice a few months back on which vitamins to add to my non-existent regimen and purchased a cute pill organizer to organize them all for daily consumption.  And then I pretty much forgot about them.
    I found myself taking them maybe once or twice a week, because I needed to take them with food and I would always forget they were in my work bag!  If I was at home, I would completely forget about them until it was too late (am I the only one who can’t take vitamins close to bedtime as I get CRAZY dreams??).  I spent all this money on vitamins and I they were just hanging out in my cabinet!

   Finally, I found the perfect solution for me.  I packed my vitamins in my lunch bag!  Now, every time I take out my lunch at work my vitamins are right there and I take them ASAP.  Finally, my vitamin routine is on point!

Do you have a vitamin regimen?