Quick Tip Tuesday: Makeup Storage

I have quite a makeup collection.  Not nearly as excessive as a lot of girls I see on Instagram and Youtube, but I do have quite a lot.  It’s a love and a hobby of mine and actually what inspired me to write my first blog.
   If you have an extensive makeup collection or if you have just a few products, it’s important to store them properly.
    Please, please, please do not store your makeup in the bathroom, especially the bathroom counter. The best temperature to store your makeup and/or skin care is actually at room temperature.  Steamy showers and fluctuating temperatures in the bathroom make it a less than ideal place to store your favorite foundation or eyeshadow.  The fluctuating temperatures and moisture in the air can shorten the life span of your makeup or even harbor bacteria growth.
   The best place to store your makeup and skin care is in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight.    

Quick Tip Tuesday: Don’t Forget Your Vitamins!

      My friend Tanya is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to vitamins and supplements.  I got her advice a few months back on which vitamins to add to my non-existent regimen and purchased a cute pill organizer to organize them all for daily consumption.  And then I pretty much forgot about them.
    I found myself taking them maybe once or twice a week, because I needed to take them with food and I would always forget they were in my work bag!  If I was at home, I would completely forget about them until it was too late (am I the only one who can’t take vitamins close to bedtime as I get CRAZY dreams??).  I spent all this money on vitamins and I they were just hanging out in my cabinet!

   Finally, I found the perfect solution for me.  I packed my vitamins in my lunch bag!  Now, every time I take out my lunch at work my vitamins are right there and I take them ASAP.  Finally, my vitamin routine is on point!

Do you have a vitamin regimen?