About Me

Hey hey everyone! My name is Melissa and I’m the authoress of this little corner of the internet.  I’m so glad you decided to stop by and visit my “adventures” in adulting.

A little bit about me?  I’m a full time special education teacher in a New York City suburb and part time side hustler makeup slinger and blogger.  I live with my handsome fiancee and have an extremely close knit group of friends.  I also live very close to both of my parents and am extremely close with them.

When I’m not being a full time boss, I’m an uber sports girl.  I live for my Penn State Nittany Lions and my New York Mets.  I literally don’t make plans on fall Saturdays because Penn Sate is playing (now you know why I’m getting married on a Friday!).

Other than that, I love to surf the internet and read a good book.  I love historical fiction books, personal development books, wellness books and of course, most importantly, the Harry Potter Series.