Get Fit At Home!

I am not a gym person.  I have tried many, many times to be a gym person and it just doesn’t work.  I am truly one of those people who can be on a treadmill or eliptical and think that I’ve been on them for 20 minutes and it’s only been 6.   There have been several times I have attempted to create a circuit using some of the weight machines and/or free weights and that was also a disaster.

An aspect of the gym that I always did love and excel at was the classes.  I am someone who thrives in gym classes for several reasons: 1.  Someone was telling me what to do! I didn’t have to figure it out.  2.  Time flew! 3.  Due to it being a timed class I worked out for the entire duration of the class whether it was 45 or 60 minutes.  I would very rarely work out that long using traditional gym equipment out of pure boredom.

While I love me some classes at a gym, I don’t like paying for a gym.  I don’t even really like going to a gym because there’s just so many damn people there and the act of going to a gym is just too much effort for me (laziness I know).

It was this minor disdain for the gym that led me to discover dvds and Youtube workouts.  I am a huge fan of BeachBody programs and still use T25 and 21 Day Fix Workouts 2-3 days every week.  However, sometimes I want something new and different (and free) and that is where Youtube comes in!

If you have only used Youtube to watch funny animal videos or movie trailers, you have been missing out!  I am avid Youtube watcher and think that it is an amazing resource for information on really any topic.  However, for the area of workouts it truly is amazing!

I use Youtube workouts mainly on the weekend when I am not working out after school with one of my friends.  You can find a workout video for literally anything!  If you give your workout your all as if you were in a gym class, you can really burn some massive calories and see some great results!

Of course with any exercise, check with your doctor to ensure it’s something your body can can handle and then check out some of my favorite fitness Youtubers below!



Blogilates is definitely one of the first fitness Youtube channels I began following and I have doing her workouts for over 5 years now!  Cassie has an amazing array of videos covering cardio, healthy recipes, toning and TONS of amazing pilates videos which will work up a sweat!  Each month she also sends out a free workout calendar which includes effective ways to pair up the tons of videos she has for different areas of the body.  She is definitely one of my favorite and definitely one of the most inspiring and uplifting.


Superhero Fitness TV

If you want to absolutely smile and have a good time while working out, Keiara is your girl.  I love her workouts and have had quite a few of my friends join me while doing her workouts.  A lot of her videos are dance focused and they really help time to fly.  She somehow manages to sneak serious toning into every single dance video she makes and her personality is SO amazing that I just keep tuning in to see what she’s coming up with next.


Popsugar Fitness


Popsugar Fitness is a great channel for a variety of different workouts.  Popsugar hosts a lot of different fitness Youtubers or fitness instructors, so there is always a different face and a different workout.  This is great if you want to try something different in fitness each time you work out.


Love Sweat Fitness


Love Sweat Fitness is a great channel for toning videos and healthy recipes.  I like to make a mini playlist of some of her videos to do a circuit of them when I want to workout a specific body area.  Katie also creates weekly workout routines including her videos and exercises you can do at home or the gym.


Do you have a favorite way to workout at home or outside of the gym? I’m always looking for new ways!!


Grief ((personal post))

My word of 2018 is consistency.  But then life REALLY got in the way.  On December 31st, New Years Eve, my grandmother, my best friend, went into the hospital because she was short of breath.  For a couple of days things seemed to be going very poorly.  My father and I went up to see her on January 6th and things seemed to be turning around.  Her vitals were all coming back positive and she was getting ready to go to a rehabilitation center.

I brought her a picture of me in my wedding dress because I wanted to show her she had so much to live for.  She had prayed for so long that I would find someone who would love me the way she did and I did find that someone.  There was no one who deserved to be at my wedding more than my Grandma.

A couple of days after entering rehab, things started to go poorly.  I got to see her the day before she passed and tell her everything I wanted to tell her, but I know her mind was already with my Grandpa in heaven.

On January 15, 2018, my 33rd birthday, my Grandma left to be with my Grandpa in heaven.

My grandmother, Florence, was like the sun in the sky.  Her voice was so happy and positive and her spirit could lift anyone up.  After getting off of the phone with her or seeing her, I felt as if I could do anything.  She loved to love and didn’t realize how much love she had to give.

On the other hand, she had a side of her that she never even realized how hilarious she was.  We called her Joan Rivers.  Her sarcasm and wit lasted until the end.  When the paramedics came to get her from the rehab center the EMT asked her what the problem was, her response? “I’m pregnant”.

I still don’t know how to grieve for a woman who literally built me into the person that I am today.  I don’t know if I have grieved for her yet.  This week I have walked around feeling like a zombie.  I’m thankful to have a cold this week, because I can blame it on that, but I know it’s more than that.

Grief is different for everyone and everyone handles it differently.  Every experience of grief is also very different.  When my Grandfather passed I cried for what feels like weeks.  This week I am dying to  cry, dying to get a release.

But as an adult, maybe I have to create my release.  I have to talk about her, talk about my feelings, say everything I wanted to say and know that it’s ok not to be ok for a bit.

So if you’re grieving or have grieved, I’m sorry (even though I hate when people say that to me) and don’t feel pressured to explain your grief to anyone.

This is one of the shittest parts of growing up.

2 Easy Ways To Sell Clothes For Cash

When I was getting ready to move at the end of October, I really wanted to get rid of a lot of things and downsize quite a bit so I looked into  a few ways to sell some of my clothes and bags that I no longer used.

It is so easy to make some extra cash selling clothes, shoes and bags that you no longer wear, forgot to return or got as gifts and don’t use.  There are tons of ways to sell these items online, but I’m going to share the 2 ways that I have personally used and have experience with.


  1.  ThredUp

ThredUp is an online consignment store for women and children.  It is one of the first online consignment stores that I heard of.  I have used it quite a few times and I find it one of the easiest to use.

How It Works:

After you register with Thredup, you can request a Clean Out Bag to be sent to you.  A Clean Out Bag is a large bag with pre-paid postage that is used for you to send whatever it is you want to send to them.  They accept gently worn clothes, shoes and bags from a large variety of brands.  They even have an estimate calculator to help you determine if it’s worth it to send your item to them and how much you’ll earn from it.


The Clean Out Bag is free if you don’t mind waiting a while, and I mean A WHILE, to have your bag processed and for you to get your earnings.  If you want things to move a bit quicker, you can pay $16 for an expedited bag and your bag will be processed within a week of Thredup receiving it.


Once you send your bag in, if you do not opt for the expedited bag, you have to wait a while.  I sent in my last bag in mid-October and it was processed on December 18th.  After it’s processed, you can use your funds at Thredup immediately, but if you want to cash out you have to wait another few weeks.

How Much Can You Expect To Earn?:

Well, that all depends.  There have been times where I have sent in a huge bag of stuff, but a lot of it was Old Navy and Gap Outlet stuff and I ended up making $15 from a whole damn bag of stuff.  It was $15 that I wouldn’t have made otherwise and any clothes that weren’t accepted were donated so I didn’t feel bad, but damn $15???? However, my last bag was a MONEY MAKER!  I really emptied out my closet and I know if I took the time to list some of these items individually on the next app I would’ve made more, but I just wanted these things OUT!  I sent in a lot of purses I wasn’t using and a lot of work clothes and made over $250!

Who It’s Good For:

I definitely recommend ThredUp for ladies or moms who want to get rid of clothes or accessories quickly and in bulk.  It’s also good for items that aren’t mid to high end- which is most of my wardrobe!

Where To Go:



2. Poshmark

    While Poshmark has been around for a while, I’m new to the Poshmark game, but I have had some decent success with it!  Poshmark is an app where women can sell pretty much anything associated with fashion and beauty.  It’s up to the seller to list and ship individual items.


The app is free and it is also free to list an item.  When you sell an item, a pre-paid shipping label is sent to you, but it is up to you to actually ship the item.  In terms of fees, they are pretty straight forward.  For all sales under $15, Poshmark takes $2.95.  For all sales over $15, Poshmark takes 20%.


This process is a bit more involved than Thredup.  Poshmark requires that you list each item individually, sort of like eBay.  So for each item listed, you have to take good pictures of the item and accurately describe it and price it.  I like to look for similar items in the app and price it $1-$5 less than most of the items.   Once an item sells (there’s no guarantee your item will sell, this app has A LOT of sellers), you have 7 days to ship it out.  Once the buyer receives the item and acknowledges receipt on the app, your payment is released to you.  From there you either have the option to spend it in the app or transfer it to your bank account.

How Much Can You Expect To Earn?:

That all depends on what you list!  How much you earn is really up to what you have in your closet and what you’re going to sell.  I have sold a couple Lily Pulitzer pieces and made a decent profit from them and then sold a workout hoodie and only made a couple of bucks.  It’s really up to you.

Who It’s Good For:

Poshmark is great to sell new items with tags still on them as I find they sell quicker.  It’s also great if you have mid to high end items or trendy items.  I’m also using this as a precursor to Thredup.  If I list items on Poshmark and they don’t sell, then I can always send them in to Thredup.

Where To Go:

Download the Poshmark app and use code “Melziebabee15”






How I Set Up My Planner

I love my Happy Planner! Since I purchased my first Happy Planner last year after using much more expensive planners previously, I have not turned back.

I think I purchased my planner for $8 from Michaels and it helps to keep me SO organized.  If you are in the market for a planner, I definitely recommend the Happy Planner.  I use the mini size, only because it can fit easily in my handbag.  However, if you have a lot going on, I recommend getting the standard size, it gives you a lot more writing room.

The Happy Planner is broken up by month and each month has a monthly overview calendar and a weekly breakdown.  I use both for different reasons.   I sit down the last day of the previous month or the first of the month to fill out my monthly overview.

My monthly overview is where I put my bill breakdown.  I pay 90% of my bills using automatic payment, but I still like to have written down when they will be taken out of my account and the amount so I kind of know what I’m working with.

I write the bill, the amount and the date on the side column and then plug it in to the day.  I like to do both, because the overall list allows me to see the amounts a little bit clearer, and popping them into the calendar helps me to see when they will be withdrawn from my account.

The monthly overview is also where I like to add birthdays.  This way I can flip to any given month and plan out who I have to purchase gifts or cards for ahead of time.

The stickers are also from The Happy Planner line and it just helps to make planning a bit more fun and definitely cuter!

My weekly views are where I like to put appointments, deliveries, friend dates, work outs and tasks.  The weekly view is usually for non reoccurring tasks and appointments.

The use of this guy has definitely helped to keep me more organized, and when I actually consult it prior to making plans it helps to keep me from double booking!

   Do you use any kind of planner?

I’m kind of planner obsessed and always like to hear about new ones!

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