Who am I?

  Hello all and welcome to Adulting 101 for the Grown!  I’m so happy you decided to pop on over to my little area of the web and I hope you’ll stay for a while.

   Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  My name is Melissa and I’m a 32 year old woman who still calls her dad to kill bugs and asks her mom how long chicken is good for in the fridge.  I haven’t exactly mastered adulting yet.  Despite my occasional lack of adulting,  I have been a special education teacher outside of New York City for 4 years now and actually got engaged to the man of my dreams this past July.

    I am a sports feign and the passion for my teams rivals that of Jimmy Fallon’s in Fever Pitch (ok not that bad).  To balance out tomboyish I am also a makeup addict, so much that I sell makeup as my side hustle.  I love most trashy reality tv, and I must be honest, really haven’t found a balance for that yet.

What To Expect..
So what the hell is this blog about?  It’s going to be pretty random!  I am going to share a lot of personal stories, tips, tricks, advice, etc. about adulting situations that come up in my life!  I’m in the process of:
  •  selling my co-op
  •  moving in with my fiancee
  • planning a wedding
  • finding a work/life balance
  • tackling my anxiety
  • finding my spirituality
  • finding my personal style (I’m 32, I should know what my favorite store is!)
If any of these topics sound relevant to you, I invite you to stick around! I’m hoping you’ll learn something, but if nothing else, I promise you’ll be entertained!

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