Quick Tip Tuesday: Wake Up Motivated

   A lot of the posts I am going to be writing will be focusing on making our lives more positive and a part of that is definitely making our mindsets more positive.  I used to think the positive mindset, manifestation, Secret stuff was a lot of hooey!  However, lately I have begun to look more into it and have really felt positive changes in my life due to a more positive mindset.  I find myself being in a bit more control of my anxiety due to my new mindset.

   One way I start a positive mindset as soon as I wake up, is by labeling my alarm.  I use the alarm on my iphone and it allows me to label the alarms- mainly to be used if you are using the alarms for different purposes.  However, I label my morning alarm with an inspirational quote or message.  This month I am labeling my alarm with 3 words that I want to focus on for my life and for my mindset.
     I labeled my alarm “relaxed, happy, balanced”.  These are all traits that I want to work on and exude in my life and my person.

I am still not a morning person by ANY means, but this little trick helps me to remember my positive mindset from the second I turn off the alarm.
What would you put as your alarm message??